Dubai, April 2019:As soon as you step foot in Kulture House you are instantly struck by how beautifully designed the venue is. The entrance is a stunning archway with a tiled medley overhead, with a Zen water feature on one side flanked by a relaxed outdoor seating area on the other, leading up to inviting glass doors with intricate gold giraffe handles.

This all combines to whet the appetite of the guest as they are welcomed into the creative space with exhilarating and colorful design features. As the name suggests, this multi space venue that houses a café, concept store, florist and art pop up, sees a glorious fusion of the world’s cultures tastefully incorporated into the interior design DNA.

A homegrown concept, co-founded by an interior design aficionado, it is no surprise that Kulture House will play host to highly acclaimed interior designer Lyndall Fernie, who will be sharing her knowledge, expertise and over 20 years of experience in a series of workshops, that cater for both professionals and lovers of interior design who want to approach the design of their home in a more strategic manner.

Based in London she has taught at most of the leading interior design colleges in countries capital, with the majority of her teaching career at renowned Chelsea College of Arts where she has personally trained thousands of interior designers.

Lyndall has a talent for designing contemporary interior spaces and utilizing as much light as possible in creating a beautiful space, she specializes in high-end, timeless interiors and her style could be described as understated elegance with a touch of decadence.

She has regularly educated interior designers in Dubai for the past ten years and is hugely passionate about spreading her wisdom by teaching people how to design interiors for themselves. Her lectures are packed with useful information that will totally transform how attendees will approach their next interior design project.

Lyndall will be hosting a series of three workshops- Creating the perfect concept for your home, How to create colour in your home andA Masterclass- Design your home beautifully


1 Day Workshop

Date:Saturday 27th April 2019

Time: 2pm-8pm

About: On this one- day course you will learn how to construct the perfect concept for your home. One that suits you and your family perfectly with the use of concept boards that are a valuable design tool. The afternoon session will be a design lecture packed with information on creating the perfect concept and in the evening, you will be creating your own concept board using information gained in the morning lecture.


2 Day Workshop

Date:Sunday 28th April & Monday 29th April 2019

Time: 2pm-8pm

About: This two-day course will change how you think about colour forever. You will learn how to harness colour to make rooms feel wider, higher, cosier and much more. The knowledge gained from this course will make you feel confident in using colour as an effective design tool. Both afternoons will be lecture based and the evening sessions will be workshops where you will be creating the perfect colour scheme for your home. You will gain the tools to be able to design a colour palette for any future home either for yourself or for someone else.


Date:Monday 29th April 2019

Time: 10am- 12.30pm

About: This masterclass will teach you how to take control of your interiors. During the session you will look at how an interior designer would approach a project, analyzing what makes a great design scheme as well as what can ruin it. This invaluable information will provide you with the structure to approach the design of any room in your home with much more confidence regarding what needs to be done to create a beautiful space.

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