Katana Zirconia: The Supreme choice of patients to maintain natural teeth appearance

The field of dentistry is always subject to evolution which always advance to best suit the patients’ needs and make their experience with the dentist as comfortable as possible; Katana Zirconia is a technique worth to discuss as it combines the dentistry field with computerized technology;More on this topic with Doctor Hussain Al Saleh, Founder and specialist Prosthodontist and Oral Implantologist at Oris Dental Center in Dubai, UAE.

Zirconia was first used in 2000 and had undergone many developments in 2017 and 2018 with the launch of the new Katana Zirconia Block, which isa multi-layered disc dental material used to fabricate dental veneers, full contour Zirconia crowns and bridgeswith innovative technologyof CAD/CAM milling systems; Plus, it contains a high translucency full color variation which helps dental professionals to reach a high esthetic level.

Dr. Hussain highlights on the important features that specialize Katana Zirconia such as its highly aesthetic and biocompatible restorative material,superior translucency and high durability – the ability of the material to let light pass through it without becoming transparent, and it is also easy blended with the teeth to make them look natural; Also it is important to mention the variety of shade options that helps it fit perfectly with the surrounding dentition.

It is likely to mention that the first visit to the dentist isimportant to discuss the patient’s goals and understand why Katana Zirconia best suits them, as well as deciding the teeth design, shape, color and size; During the second visit, the dentist delivers the restoration result, as well as cementation, adjusting and polishing; Accordingly, the number of sessions depends on the restoration process (whether using the lab or CAD/CAM technique); Plus, Katana Zirconia requires a well-trained and skilled dentist who has the ability to handle the procedure compared to other restorations such as porcelain restorations.

The Katana Zirconia consists of several types that vary in translucency and mechanical properties allowing the dentist to cover all types of restorative cases such as: Katana Zirconia UTML which is considered the most translucent among the series and mostly recommended for fabricating anterior crowns, and then is STML (Super Translucent Multi Layered) that combines translucency withmechanical properties; Third type is ML (Multi Layered) that best suits the full contour crowns and bridges for its high translucency creating esthetic restoration, and last isHT (High Translucent), used for highly individualized restorations; Moreover, both HT and ML have the strongest mechanical strength compared to other series.

Dr. Hussain mentions the different features that separateKatana Zirconia from Porcelain veneers stating that Katana Zirconia provides a more natural restoration appearance, a higher mechanical strength because of the thin restorations that makethe process less invasive for the dental issue, and itsrestoration material thatconsists of four layers of zirconia in graduated shades, in which the translucency is gradually decreased from the incisal border(bottom of the tooth) to the cervical region(close to the gum) fabricating a similar copy of the natural tooth.

Lastly, Dr. Hussain recommends Katana Zirconia patients to do regular check-ups, maintain a healthy oral hygiene, consistent conservation, andfollowinstructions and advices of the dentist about the specific ways of grinding, chewing and biting in order to maintain Katana veneers for life.

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