Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan at Tilal Liwa Hotel

Abu Dhabi, UAE (May 07, 2019) – Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan at the picturesque Tilal Liwa Hotel with family and friends by experiencing specially crafted dishes for iftar and Suhour that will please every palette.

  The General Manager of Tilal Liwa Hotel, Ahmed Marghoushy said: “The hotel has prepared for the Holy Month of Ramadan by providing a truly traditional Ramadan ambiance for families and individuals. Our chefs have been working tirelessly to curate tantalizing local and oriental dishes that will take guests on a gastronomic journey.”

To get a taste of the unique Ramadan experience, Marghoushy announced the appointment of Tilal Liwas newest Arabic Chef who specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, and Ramadan specialties. The exquisite Iftars and Suhours will be prepared using the finest produce sourced from farms across the Liwa region. The lavish hotel will also be promoting it’s MICE facilities, as well as hosting some international meetings during the Holy Month.

General Manager of Tilal Liwa Hotel concluded saying, “We have arranged a lot of activities that bear and reflect the enriched history of UAE and so it serves as a primary destination for families looking for impeccable Arabian hospitality. Tilal Liwa Hotel embraces the authentic Emirati spirit and is at the heart of Emirati heritage and so we are keen to have a bigger, more distinct presence in the regional hospitality market.”

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