“Shalky” Spring and Summer Collection 2019

UAE – Aril 16, 2019 :As the summer is right around the corner, it is the time to get ready for Spectrum colors  ,with 40 unique designs, each is designed in an exceptional way, with the beauty colors and a variety of details,Qasem Al Qasemthe designer ofkhalky shows in this collection the seamless blend in an artistic way that reflects that the details are what make the ideal in the appearance of colors together and gradation .

The international designer Qassim Al-Qasem created a blend of colors inspired by the colors of desert flowers and the shine of the yellow sand.

A technical vision translated into designs that were sewn and woven from the threads of fabrics.  The ladies of Shalky are full of femininity and beauty. In addition, he was able to give the summer and spring 2019 collections a new style for women appear with new look.

The International designer Qasem Al Qasem has been able to give the summer and spring 2019 a new dress  in which women can appear with renewed charm and an ideal look that adds itself as an independent chapter within these two chapters.

The designer wanted to show this collection in a different style in terms of raw materials and mix them together to show different paintings in a different manner.

wherehe used  Juffair, dantel, tulle, jacquard, crepe, chiffon, georgette and taffeta  and fine silkfabri

in the spring and summer of 2019 the strength and appearance of the yellow and red in its degrees and heavenly, to live a play of colors and enjoy the appearance

The colors seem to know their roles well and how to appear in an exceptional range.

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