Ramadan Dubai offers a special program for senior citizens

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, in cooperation with the Senior Happiness Centre of the Dubai Health Authority, has organized a series of visits to preach to the centre’s senior citizens, as part of Ramadan Dubai activities. Ramadan Dubai is organized by IACAD and carries the theme “Ramadan Dubai Compassion & Coexistence”. The project aims to spread the values of Islam and the spirit of tolerance among citizens and residents of the communities, promote the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence through the application of the principles of the Holy Quran and Sunnah targeting all categories and segments of society of men, women, elders and children, as well as governmental and private institutions.

The visits commenced in the first days of the holy month and will continue daily after Taraweeh prayers until the 20th day of Ramadan. This cooperation comes in line with the directives of the government of Dubai which is keen to provide a decent life for the elderly residing in its land including establishment of many facilities to maintain the physical and psychological health of elder people, help them adapt and fully coexist with their surroundings, and engage them in social and cultural programs and initiatives.

A variety of lectures were presented by lecturers from IACAD’s Islamic Education and Religious Guidance, namely Dr. Ismail Al-Buraimi, Major Specialist on Religious Awareness, Abdulmuhsen AlBuureeb, Ala’aAlDeenAlqadi, Adnan Al Khateeb, Nasser Al Blooshi, on topics Ramadan and the Holy Qur’an, Sunan Al-Siyam, MufteratAl-Siyam(What Breaks Fasting), Ramadan Al-Joud(Raamadan the Month of Giving), andDuties of Fasting During Ramadan. The lectures were witnessed by the elderly with remarkable interaction with and response to the lecturers. The audience’s inquiries created an enriching atmosphere as information and valuable insights were shared by the lecturers.

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