Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic fabrics and emblematic designs, the exclusive Le Vestiaire des Parfums collection is a sensory wardrobe of six perfumes plus three fragrances designed around the couturier’s symbolic places (the addresses of the workshop, the studio and the first store). And because Yves Saint Laurent was always fascinated by the Orient, five more perfumes in the collection celebrate his eastern mysteries and inspirations.

Just as Yves Saint Laurent used masculine codes to reinvent how women dressed, YSL Beauté has created perfumes where each composition enhances an unexpected combination of ingredients. They dialogue and balance to create fragrances imbued with the designer’s personality. Each fragrance dresses the skin, revealing a unique trail of perfume personal to the man or woman wearing it.

When the perfume becomes material and the trail reveals attitude, the Le Vestiaire des Parfums pays tribute to Yves Saint Laurent with a new take on his style. A twist on its own.


A new iconisjoiningLe Vestiaire des ParfumsIconic Edition:Grain de Poudre. In the mid 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent borrowed this finely grained fabric from men’s suits and made it the symbol of a more feminine look. The pieces he cut from this fabric with its impeccable and dynamic fall combine both authority and grace. In the hands of the designer, grain de poudre becomes a symbol of freedom and elegance which has remained unfailingly modern, a subtle weapon of seduction that is similarly electric.


To translate the unique grain de poudre texture into a fragrance, YSL Beauté chose the most delicate of flowers: the violet. Its powdery sweetness, familiar and reassuring, evokes a graceful elegance that stands the test of time. But the perfect cut of Grain de Poudre soon releases the unexpected freshness of sage, its virile energy adding exciting bite to the violet.

The spiced charms of coriander and black pepper add a new depth to this olfactory dialogue and its contrasts. With a simple movement, Grain de Poudre envelops itself with the silky strength of labdanum and musk, deliciously heady.

Elegance in a modern version of seduction so dear to Saint Laurent. Grain de Poudre iscomplex, dual, timeless.

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