Dubai Government Workshop organizes ‘Kashkha Eid’ initiative to bring cheer to female employees preparing for Eid Al Fitr

UAE, 29 May 2019 – Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) has announced its move to organize an initiative entitled, ‘Kashkha Eid’ which has been designed to give cheer to its female employees, especially in their efforts to prepare for Eid Al Fitr. The program, which allows women employees to save time and effort in choosing the Eid outfits, is expected to bring joy and pleasure in the hearts of DGW’s female workforce, as inspired by the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The new initiative, which is being organized in collaboration with Moving Boutique, serves as a creative and ideal platform to enhance social communication among female employees. The program will provide the opportunity to choose the latest in fashion, particularly creations made by local designers.

Zaineb Ahmed Rashed Al Qasim, President of the Women’s Committee in DGW, shared that the ‘Kashkha Eid’ initiative is expected to meet its set goals–all of which are focused on the happiness of its female employees. She noted that the program represents a great boost to DGW’s efforts to establish harmony, friendship, brotherhood and solidarity between employees. In addition, the initiative also represents the essence of authentic Emirati customs and the noble values of the Islamic religion. She also stated that the initiative has been developed to also serve as a strategic platform to support national efforts in the field of fashion, especially the move to introduce and promote the works of Emirati designers.

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