New Helicopter Tour Offers Birdseye View of Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, 29 May 2019: You’ve seen the charming town of Lausanne from the trails. You’ve peered into the streets from paddle boats or cruises on the lake. You’ve pedalled along the banks on bikes. But Lausanne Tourism is is willing to bet you haven’t taken in the sights and sounds of this quirky city from a helicopter.

Lausanne-based helicopter service Heli-Lausanne SA has launched aerial tours over this season in hopes of giving locals and visitors a new perspective on the region. Creating an idyllic, visual extravaganza, this extraordinary opportunity captures landscapes which combine the beauty of lakes, mountains and incredible panoramas. The service also includes transportation to mountain resorts, high altitude restaurants and flying lessons which are all experiences that make for a distinctive and memorable holiday.

This tourist service joins a growing trend. A summary by Market Research Future shows helicopter tourism as a new dimension of tourism. Tours are offered to passengers by helicopter over popular places or less crowded places.

The Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism, Walter Loser said, “During the last decade, the introduction of new tourist destinations has brought about a revolution in the global tourism industry. With the increase in the number of the tourism service providers, there has been a significant growth in the demand for air travel and a simultaneous rise in the number of aircraft and helicopter.”

Established in 2008, Heli-Lausanne SA continues to grow by offering scenic flights, taxi flights, gourmet experiences and other personalized services. In Switzerland or in Europe, from the plains to the glaciers or flying over the lakes, guests will discover beautiful landscapes with a 360 degree view. The service also offers business flights or VIP transfers. The crew has routes to Zurich, Lugano, Courchevel, Paris among other destinations.

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