Etihad ESCO starts solar panel installations across homes of UAE nationals

30 May 2019 – Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) announced that the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels over the roofs of 5,000 UAE nationals’ homes in Dubai. With all contractors on board, site surveys have been completed and material procurement, mock-ups and outreach activities are currently in progress.

The project will see Etihad ESCO install 65,000 PV panels; 295,000 LED lights; and 50,000 water savers at Emirati villas. Light and water retrofit is expected to generate energy and water savings upon completion. The installation of solar PVs alone is set to save 31,102,500 kWh energy. Besides significant energy savings, the initiative, scheduled to be completed by November 2019, will lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 21,139 tons annually.

Ali Al Jassim, CEO, Etihad ESCO, said: “I am glad that the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels over the roofs of Emirati homes in Dubai is progressing seamlessly. All contractors are on board and the first shipment of inverters has arrived. We consider it our privilege to enhance Dubai’s position as a leading model for energy efficiency.”

Etihad ESCO aims to create viable performance contracting market for energy service companies by auditing and proposing energy conservation measures to major building contractors/developers, bringing Dubai closer to the achievement of its sustainability goals.