FOREO’s Fabulous Gift Guide for Eid

With Eid nearly upon us, a lot of people are in the throes of planning and organizing gifts for their loved ones. If you have not started to prepare yet, you will find FOREO’s ‘Eid gifts guide on a budget’ to be extremely helpful whilst deciding what to get your family and friends.

FOREO, the Swedish beauty tech brand has long been known for its innovative products meant to address various skin concerns with its short but effective beauty treatments. FOREO has a range of gifts that would suit everyone from the wallet watcher to those who would like to go on a good splurge to give their loved ones FOREO devices for some special TLC.


With UFO sheet masks starting from AED 55, to the mini-but-powerful LUNA play plus, you can easily gift these items without it creating a huge hole in your wallet. The UFO sheet masks are compatible with the UFO and UFO mini and are meant to give you gorgeous skin on the go. The LUNA play plus is a powerful facial exfoliator which gets rid of 99.5% dirt, and residue leaving you fresh faced for the Eid celebrations.

LUNA play plus

The tinier version of the tiny-but-mighty LUNA play adds a travel-friendly dimension to your daily facial routine. It has a larger brush head to distribute the T-Sonic pulsations and cleanse your skin. Plus it is rechargeable with AAA batteries, so you can enjoy your LUNA for longer.

Shimmer Freak UFO Mask:

Compatible with the UFO, the Shimmer Freak UFO mask is a gorgeous marriage of Korean sheet mask formulas with light reflecting particles and caffeine to give your skin a glowy boost in the mornings. Instantly diminishing the appearance of dark circles, the mask refreshes the eye contour area and awakens tired eyes.


For those with a little more freedom in their wallet, the below picks are the best for gifting occasions. The LUNA mini 2 is a powerful exfoliator which harnesses T-Sonic pulsations to give you a deep cleanse every time. The LUNA fofo is the newest addition to the LUNA family with 24K gold sensors that scan the skin, and tailor a FOREO treatment to address personal skincare needs.

LUNA mini 2:

The mini version of the famous LUNA 2, the Mini 2 will have you looking as fresh as ever! T-Sonic pulsations are combined with bacteria-resistant silicone to get rid of 99.5% impurities, so you can say goodbye to any glitter residue on your skin. Additionally, waterproof design with 8 customisable intensities means you can get a deep cleanse even in the shower!


As the weather is getting hotter post Ramadan – banish the effects of the sun with the FOREO Espada. Laser focused blue LED light technology coupled with T-Sonic pulsations get rid of blemishes and pimples. Waterproof and with 300 charges on a single use, the ESPADA is your best friend in the fight against acne.

LUNA fofo:

The newest addition to the LUNA range of devices, the fofo uses state of the art 24k gold plated sensors to scan the skin and deliver a bespoke beauty treatment. Powered through the FOREO app – the device measures hydration levels, and skin age in order to tailor a FOREO treatment for the individual


For the beauty baller who loves to gift luxe, the FOREO UFO and LUNA 2 would fit right in. The LUNA 2 is FOREO’s best-selling device that gives you better skin in 60 seconds, and also helps combat signs of ageing. The UFO harnesses specially developed Korean sheet mask formulas with FOREO technology to give you a spa experience in the palm of your hand. With cryotherapy, thermotherapy and LED therapy – the device is sure to give you an extraterrestrial glow this Eid.

UFO mini:

The mini version of the larger UFO, this device harnesses the power of Korean sheet mask formulas coupled with cryotherapy, vibration and thermo-therapy to give you beautiful skin! Completely waterproof, 90 seconds is all you need for your skin to look extraterrestrial. Spa therapies in the middle of the Middle Eastern desert? Count us in! Another tip? Pair it with the H2Overdose mask to restore lost moisture and bounce.


Spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom with the LUNA 2 will make a world of difference in keeping your face acne and toxin free. The LUNA 2 helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to skin aging. No matter what your skin type, there is a LUNA 2 for everyone. It is the perfect way to rid you face of impurities and is available in four varieties – normal, combination, sensitive and oily skin.


The UFO is a gorgeous marriage of specially developed Korean sheet mask formulas and well-known FOREO technology. The device works for 90 seconds to completely replenish and renew the skin’s glow and bounce. Powered through the FOREO App – the app activates the various masks to give your skin a new treatment every time.

With such a wide array of choices for your loved ones, you are sure to give them the best FOREO gifts ever!

FOREO is available in-store at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty Free, and online at ​ and ​ as well as many other premium retail and online channels across the Middle East.

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