DUBAI, May 26, 2019With consumers in the UAE keen to live a balanced lifestyle, LG Electronics (LG) has designed its Gas Cooker to make work in the kitchen simpler and more enjoyable.

Consumers can now cook food and clean up with ease using LG’s Gas Cooker (Model: LF98V05S). It features a power convection system, reducing cooking time significantly with heat which can reach up to 3.6KW. Intensive, yet even heat is distributed to the bottom of cookware, ensuring optimum temperature is maintained.

Cooking alone, or getting the whole family involved, homeowners can make various foods,such as koftas and kebabs at the same time using the cooker’s 5 burners. For oven use, the Gas Cooker comes with Dual Heating, which pre-heats 3 times faster than conventional ovens, with its electric grilling heater on top and gas baking heater below.

LG’s Gas Cooker also has a large capacity, giving the flexibility to cook a wide range of foods, such as a whole chicken, large pizza or even 2 layers of baked treats. Users can also easily preset the Auto-Off time feature to ensure food is served as it was intended, looking and tasting great.

In terms of design, the Gas Cooker has a removable inner glass door, allowing for easy cleaning without the need of additional tools. Furthermore, the Catalytic Cleaning feature helps clean the oven more effectively, absorbing food residues produced during cooking.

Built with families in mind, LG’s Gas Cooker maintains safety with itsflame failure device for both the hobs and oven. The device automatically cuts the gas supply off when the flame is extinguished, preventing any accumulation of unburned gas. Furthermore, the LG Gas Cooker is engineered with Safe Touch, a feature thatwhich uses a special ventilation system tokeep the front door and its components cool, for a safe kitchen environment for parents and children at all times.

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