American Hospital Dubai partners with Dubai Police to promote road safety during Ramadan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 May 2019: As part of its commitment to collaborate for the wellbeing of communities and society as a whole, American Hospital Dubai, one of the leading pioneers of private healthcare in the Middle East, has partnered with Dubai Police to promote road safety during the holy month of Ramadan.

Through this partnership, American Hospital Dubai aims to underpin its corporate social responsibility efforts by joining forces with Dubai’s finest men and women to encourage people to drive cautiously, especially on their way to iftar.

Allan Boston, CEO of American Hospital Dubai, said: “We are grateful for Dubai Police’s collaboration in helping us care for people’s wellbeing during this holy month. This initiative is part of our CSR campaigns and aims to promote road safety by encouraging people to abide by traffic laws at all times. Dubai Police’s support and guidance have been exemplary, and we look forward to further collaborations with its members for the benefit and wellbeing of our society.”

To best promote this initiative, Dubai Police and American Hospital Dubai volunteers helped distribute 20,000 iftar meals to commuters aroundMaghribwho would, in turn, slow down to receive the meals and avoid speeding to make it in time for iftar.

American Hospital Dubai is a private healthcare facility whose mission is to provide high-quality, American-standard healthcare to meet the needs and expectations of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the surrounding Gulf States, through comprehensive primary, secondary, and selected tertiary care services on an inpatient, outpatient, and referral basis.

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