Tissot Introduces Chrono XL 3×3 Street Basketball Special Collection

Street basketball became legendary in urban neighborhoods, where incredible players lit up the courts at Rucker Park in NYC or Venice Beach in SoCal with their amazing skills. To honor this game and its roots at the heart of the sport of modern basketball, FIBA holds the 3×3 World Cup and World Tour. Played three players on a side, 3×3 is an exciting game with non-stop action – 3×3 has already been added to the Olympics in 2020.

To celebrate the importance of street basketball to urban style, Tissot has created the Chrono XL 3×3 Street Basketball Special Edition. Based on the original Chrono XL introduced in 2017, this edition includes styling nods to this riveting game. The printed dial evokes the steel mesh fences that ring the street courts, and the case itself is finished in an antique PVD to echo the gritty nature of the game. The FIBA “3×3” logo is engraved on the case back of this 45mm Swiss Made quartz chronograph, and the watch comes with two straps, one a special graffiti-style filled with color, as well as an elegant black leather strap, featuring Tissot’s easy interchangeable system.

Technical Features

  • Swiss Made
  • Quartz Chronograph movement
  • 45mm 3l6L stainless-steel antique PVD case
  • Water resistance: 10 bar/100m/330ft
  • Wire mesh dial treatment
  • Colorful “Graffiti” strap and an additional black leather strap

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