Clicking photographs at night with your smartphone with a stunning clarity made possible

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June XX 2019: Night photography in general as well as clicking photographs in low light has been a challenge for smartphone users. This is where filters and effects come into play to improve the brightness and sharpness of the photographs. But who doesn’t love a perfect #NoFilter photograph especially clicked in the low light or the night time justifying the beauty of a night as seen by your bare eyes.

Smartphone cameras have come a long way by delivering decent shots when there is plenty of light. But the true test of any camera is how it performs when lighting conditions are less than optimal- such as during the night. Even the best cameras tend to struggle when you try and click a good photograph in the dark. If you are drawn to the beauty of night with shimmering lights and wish to takesuperior quality photographs even inlow light worthy of your latest social media post, you must not settle for a smartphone that is unable to highlight your photography skills.

HONOR’s latest technological advancements featuring groundbreaking low light and night modeshave defied odds to produce some of the most vibrantand detailed night time shots. Smartphone photographers are now enabled to attempt clicking photographs that were previously not even contemplated. HONOR smartphones are designed to capture the subject within a sufficiently lit and detailed scene, without the grainy and blurry specs.

HONOR 10i: Equipped to help you seize the most romantic and vibrant moments at night

HONOR 10i packs in the F/1.8 wide-aperture lens in its primary camera allowing more light to reach the sensors, resulting in a brighter photograph and a better performance under low light without slowing down the shutter speed. The camera’s Quadra CFA sensor boosts its sensitivity to light even in the darkest ofsettings, increasing the brightness of the photograph automatically.

The night photography is further enhanced by the AI Stabilizing mode, which intelligently detects and stabilizes handheld photography, allowing users to capture steady, clearand high quality of night shot images. This means users have the luxury to never miss capturing a moment as they go on to exploring the street view in the evening and capturing the fireworks or the beautiful lights.

HONOR View20: Upgraded AI features enabling enhanced night mode shots

The HONOR View20 is well equipped with a 48MP sensor and an upgraded AI capability making a substantial difference when shooting at night. The advanced 48MP sensor can combine 4 pixels into 1, producing brighter and clearer images. In low light situations, such as at night, the signal from the four adjacent pixels are combined and added together, raising the sensitivity to a level equivalent to 12 effective megapixels, producing brighter, low-noise photos and videos.

Leveraging its advanced AI features to produce beautiful night shots, HONOR View20 uses the multi-frame stabilization technology based on machine learning. Even if you lack steady hands, by holding the smartphone for 6 seconds, the technology analyzes camera movement and intelligently selects and combines several different frames to help create photos that are not hazy. Together with the 48MP, ½ inch CMOS sensor, HONOR View20 ensures best quality photos, even at night.

Whether you’re getting ready for an exciting vacation to get away for the heat or taking on a new summer hobby, make sure to get your hands on the latest HONOR gadgets that are sure to take your photography game to the next level.

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