Learn through Fun and Thrill at the British Orchard Nursery “BON Summer Stories” Camp

June 16th, 2019; Dubai, UAE: This summer vacation, little campers at British Orchard Nurseries will get a fun opportunity to dive into the world of adventure through award-winning author Julia Donaldson’s nine popular rhyming stories. Besides non-stop fun, inspiring storytelling, and imaginative and creative activities, children at the “BON Summer Stories” camp will learn to cope with unexpected challenges in the most thrilling way.

The 9-week camp will focus on integrating the award winning curricular concepts of the nursery chain with a story each week discovering its central theme though various activities as the children meet interesting characters. For instance, in The Snail and The Whale, young campers will be drawn into the dream world of the snail who is determined to explore the world and his unusual partnership with the whale. The story will inspire the children to follow their dreams despite facing obstacles besides giving them an understanding of friendship and loyalty. In another story they will encounter the clever story teller Tiddler Fish whose imaginative adventures will help young children boost their own creativity and imagination.

As they progress, they will meet the contented Tabby McCat who sings along pur-fectly with his busker friend, Fred until the latter chases away a thief and they suddenly lose each other. The stories will help the children discover each other, gain useful insights into being skillful and learn many more concepts of the British National Curriculum as they move from one week to another.

Talking about the camp, Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder of British Orchard Nursery chain said: “Children learn the EYFS curriculum best through fun and play. Story-telling is a great way to instill new concepts in their minds. BON’s summer camp will help enhance children’s sense of adventure, friendship, loyalty, imagination, and critical thinking, among other curricular topics. The idea is to develop qualities that can help them skillfully convert every challenge into an adventure and bring about appreciation for friends and family.”

The Summer Camp at British Orchard Nursery is open to children across all branches of the pre-school in the UAE.

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