Celebrate International Sushi Day at Social House

In celebration of possibly the greatest day of the year, Social House is celebrating International Sushi Day with a special offer during lunch and dinner. Have your chopsticks ready as The Dubai Mall-based restaurant will be offering sushi lovers five different sushi rolls for AED 5 per piece, starting June 18thuntil July 2nd.

Boasting a menu of skillfully translated Japanese flavours for the discerning palate,

Social House will be offering five enticing and beautifully prepared sushi rolls; Smoked salmon, tofu, beef teriyaki, magusake and sweet potato. The tofu rollwill be a top pick for vegetarians and consists of nori wrapped fried tofu, cucumbers, radish and carrot mix, tossed in Japanese mayonnaise and topped with black and white sesame seed with a drizzle of garlic and spicy mayonnaise.

For those with a penchant for seafood, the smoked salmon roll and magusake roll fit right in. The Magusake roll consists of salmon and tuna, marinated in a special sauce and is topped with spring onion and spicy sauce. The smoked salmon roll puts a spin on the classic salmon and cheese with nori wrapped smoked salmon with soft avocado, Philadelphia cheese and spicy mayo.

In addition to the five sushi rolls the menu will include 3 sushi platters. Brought to life with dry-ice magic, indulge in mouth-wateringplatters such as thesushi me rollin platter, including a soho eco roll, beef teriyaki roll, philadelphia roll and salmon & tuna sashimi. The I’m soy into youplatter includes a soho eco roll, popcorn shrimp roll, smoked salmon roll, california roll, sweet potato roll and salmon & tuna sashimi. Or opt for the let the good times roll, a sushi platter that include asoho eco roll, beef teriyaki roll, smoked salmon roll, kamikaze roll, magusake roll, crab cucumber sushi roll, sweet potato roll and salmon & tuna sashimi.

Offering an enticing blend of “East” and “West” dishes – the restaurant boasts food inspired by the Americas, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. With indoor, and outdoor seating all day, friendly vibes with the open kitchen, and cozy interiors – you will never want to leave the warm and comfortable environment of Social House.

Social House is located on the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall. The breezy and beautiful aesthetic of this famous spot providesspectacular views of the glimmering Dubai Fountains and the iconic Burj Khalifa.