VR Theme Park introduces all new family-friendly rides

VR Theme Park in The Dubai Mall has introduced three new family-friendly rides that will take visitors soaring to new heights of fun.

The new rides include Cosmo Jet, Flying Chairs and Magic Bikes, and are set to offer families a unique and fun experience.

Embark on a space mission in a mini-space jet with the interactive two-person ride, Cozmo Jet. The vehicles can seat two people each and have two joysticks with an interactive screen. One player controls the vehicle’s movement while the other controls shooting the aliens on the screen.

Take to the skies on the fantastic Magic Bikes. This ride will see the whole family swooping and flying their way through the air with riders in full control- the more you pedal, the higher you will go.

Flying Chairs is a child friendly ride that will have little ones as well as the big ones excited with delight, as they go round and round to funky music tracks.