Kittysnip shares top vacation tips with UAE pet owners

With the UAE school holidays now underway many people will be looking to beat the heat and jet off to cooler climates, however, if you’re a pet owner this can pose problems. Don’t despair, the following tips from an industry professional will ensure its not only you that has a great time away, we’ve got you covered.

Kittysnip, a Dubai-based animal welfare group, has revealed their top tips for pet ownerswhen planning alternative care to make sure their cat is not alone while they are gone.

Carol Geldenhuys, Founder of Kittysnip, said: “Our furry companions seem to have a sixth sense – especially when they are not invited and spot their family packing.However, do not stress there are lots of options on offer to ensure your kittys receive the best possible care while you are gone.”

The first thing to do is to plan well in advance. Asking a responsible and knowledgeable friend or family member is often most pet owners’ first port of call because they can enjoy their vacation knowing their pet is receiving ample attention and supervision from someone they trust.

However, there are various pet visiting companies out there that will also visit your home and monitor your cats.

It is important to remember most cats will feel less stressed if they can stay in their own home while you are gone. In order to ensure this is possible, Kittysnip suggests finding a reliable pet sitter who can stay at your home while you are on vacation.

“Pet sitters know their job inside out and more importantly enjoy being around animals and are highly likely to have a good understanding of feline behaviour. That being said, it is always important to carry out thorough reference checks beforehand,” said Geldenhuys.

While hiring a pet sitter is a great option, so is in-home pet boarding. This service involves leaving your pet at a sitter’s home in your area for the duration of your vacation. As well as being less costly than employing a pet sitter, it also provides your cat daily attention, interaction and the freedom to socialise with other cats.

Geldenhuys added: “Booking your pet into a cattery is another option. If this is your preferred option, we would strongly advise doing your homework and checking for recommendations beforehand. It’s important to select a cattery that is feline-only and ensures cats do not come into contact with each other.”

Additionally, you could take your feline companion on holiday with you. If your cat likes to travel, a pet-friendly trip could offer a nice change of pace especially as it is becoming more feasible with the number of animal-friendly hotels constantly on the rise.

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