Universal American School Students Rank Above the Global Average in2019 IB Diploma Results

Dubai, UAE, 11July2019: Universal American School (UAS) has today announced the results of its International BaccalaureateDiploma Program (IBDP), which were above the global average and saw a dramatic increase on last year.

The IB DP is one of the highest-regarded school qualifications accepted by leading universities worldwide, offering unique academic rigor with an emphasis on students’ personal development. International Baccalaureate (IB) programs aim to do more than other curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed. UAS delivers programs that strive to develop students who will build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Over the last year, the UAS leadership team have executed a robust plan to increase student attainment through rigorous quality assurance practices, resulting in this year’s cohort improving by 1.4 points, bringing the school above world average. The top student achieved a remarkable 44 points, setting a new school record.  The school saw an 8% increase in the percentage of students who achieved above 35 points.

Ole Bernard Sealey, Director at Universal American School said, “Every year, we aim to improve on the achievements that came before. This year was all about progress and we are extremely proud of the commitment shown by our students which has resulted in this great achievement for the school.  We also thank our teachers for the determination and dedication to help support our students to maximizetheir potential.”

UAS is an inclusive, American and International School that as of 2019-20 will offer two pathways to graduation.  In addition to the rigorous IBDP, it will be offering an American curriculum stream for students in the final two years of their schooling.  Both programs are designed to get students into the university of their choice.  The dual-pathway opportunity affords students the chance to study a richly and broadly with the IBDP or with more choice through a combination of Advanced Placement (AP) and Common Core subjects.

As an Al-Futtaimschool, Universal American School has unrivalled links with industry that are utilized to provide ongoing work experience and life skills for students throughout their educational journey. UAS is part of the Al-FuttaimEducational Foundation (AFEF), an initiative started by the AlFuttaimfamily to support the Government’s and KHDA’s vision for the creation of a globally competitive knowledge economy while maximizing their social contribution to the community through this “not for profit” endeavor. The vision of AFEF is to create excellence; to prepare its students for university and to give them the skills to successfully embrace global citizenship and future opportunities in the UAE and beyond.

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