Embark on an Excursion with Panoramic Views of Lausanne Sky-line

Lausanne, 20 July 2019: Explore the hillside of Lausanne and get acquainted with the astonishing views of Lake Geneva and the mountains. Offering panoramic views, guests are in for a treat as they discover ten most beautiful viewing points of the city as they take a stroll downhill.

Indulge in the stunning 360-degrees views of the city from the 35 metre high “Sauvabelin” tower, an adventure that is definitely worthwhile for any traveler visiting Lausanne especially for those seeking to capture beautiful snapshots of the Alps, the Jura and the Plateau from unique angles.

At the bottom of the tower, visitors can continue along the wide tarred forest pathway with a serene backdrop boasting the quintessential Swiss landscapes of the city. Just at the end of the pathway lies a look-out post, Signal de Sauvabelin, an area that encourages wayfarers to slow down immerse all that nature has to offer.

The Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism, Walter Loser, said, “A walk around the hillside boasts a spectacular view that showcases unique elements of the city. Whether its for a morning brisk or a long day of exploring, Lausanne has all the right ingredients to please the eye of every traveler”.

For more information, visit: https://www.lausanne-tourisme.ch/en/V820/panoramic-stroll

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