International Fund for Houbara Conversation’s experiential workshops in future-focused interactive Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre will raise awareness of importance of Houbara and its position in the ecosystem

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 16July 2019:The International Fund for Houbara Conservation, (IFHC), the global leader in pre-emptive species conservationjoin forces with Al Ain Zoo to become the first outside entity to host experiential education workshops for young learners at the zoo’s interactive Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC).

IFHC will conduct two days of workshops, on July 10 and 17, for students aged 7-14 years of age, as it continues its education efforts on the importance of the Houbara, its habitat and importance to the ecosystem, UAE culture and heritage.

The engaging workshops,for children who enroll in the Al Ain Zoo Summer Camp, align with the IFHC’s cross-curricular conservation education programme,Conservation Education: The Houbara Model’, which is aligned with the UAE national school curriculum and is currently being implemented in 39 schools across the UAE.

“Children are future conservation leaders, the decision makers of tomorrow, who will be able to drive sustainability. As a global leader in species conservation and with a commitment to protecting UAE heritage and preserving the future, it is our role to put them on that path,” said His Excellency Majid Al Mansouri, Managing Director, IFHC.

“The workshops have been designed to enhance children’s understanding of the emblematic species and its importance. The interactive activities and the setting, which is a one-of-a-kind learning environment, will ensure an unforgettable experience for the young learners. We thank Al Ain Zoo for its support and commitment to building the conservation leaders of tomorrow.”

The workshopswill follow a station rotation model, featuring four stations based on different themes revolving around the Houbara and its importance to the ecosystem, falconry, UAE heritage.

The four themes will help introduce the students to the importance of Houbara: Theme 1 is centered aroundillegal vs legal trading of Houbara.Activities within this theme are designed to raise awareness that trading and hunting are regulated; Theme 2 will enable students to experience life as an ecologist; how they track Houbara and study their habitat; whileTheme 3 will dive into the history of hunting Houbara for food vs today’s national sport in order to give the children an insight into the culture of hunting with falcons. Theme 4 will spotlight the importance of conservation and sustainability and the Fund’sefforts to preserve the environment.