Mauzan – Eid Adha Collection 2019

Every Mauzan collection is a unique celebration of femininity, and this impeccable Eid Al Adha 2019 collection is nothing less. This collection expresses the abaya as not only a cultural essential, but a unique feminine outer-garment that can be worn anywhere and everywhere with confidence and grace without being a restraint to the woman wearing it. We put together this exquisite collection to satisfy all Khaleeji women’s abaya needs for the season’s major occasions: Eid, travel & weddings.

Lily flowers, baroque-inspired embroidery, and modern, abstract motifs were the highlight of this collection’s details, interpreted into design using cutting edge techniques such as machine embroidery and laser cutting. As for fabrics, black crepe and lace inserts and linings are a signature staple in every Mauzan collection, they are the essence of Mauzan. Rich, iridescent taffeta was also introduced with touches of embroidery and embellishments making it a ceremonial and regal statement. Summer trench coat style and t-shirt abayas made with a blend of organza and linen are the perfect travel style for the Khaleeji woman this season.

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Chiffon, tulle and organza were the materials used to create this year’s ethereal collection of wedding abayas. Cut to perfection, they are the definition of extravagance and grace in spite of their lightness. With organza ruffles and touches of lace and shimmery crystals, they are sure to make the woman in them radiate a dainty dazzle.

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