Experience the Sweetest Swiss Trip in Lausanne

Lausanne, 14 August 2019: Indulge in a heavenly treat on the Chocolate Train with the breath-taking views of the Swiss mountains perfectly match the chocolates and gruyere on board. The delightful trip will take you to Switzerland’s notable chocolate and cheese innovations where guests will delight in a delectable tour.

The sweet journey will depart from Montreux, carrying the passengers in the Golden Pass carriages to the medieval town of Gruyeres and the Maison Cailler in Broc. Two special treasures can be found on the elegant Belle Epoque or panoramic carriages – chocolate and gruyere.

Discover the mysteries and history of the signature gourmet Swiss chocolates. During the morning, visit the Maison Cailler which is an interactive audio-visual tour and provides combined pleasurable palate and relaxation. Savor the tantalizing scent of the freshly crafted chocolates and finest roasted cocoa beans. Entice your appetite with the fresh Alpine milk, well-made cocoa, top-class quality of chocolates produced by Swiss locals

The train will proceed to the classical village of La Maison du Gruyère, the birth place of famous AOP hard cheese. Uncover the secrets behind the creation and cultivation of the renowned cheese manufactured for centuries and exported around the world.

Take time to pay a visit and wander at the majestic local places in the region including the medieval towns and castles, the perfect natural setting of Lake Gruyere and by crossing that lake, you will reach the ruins and chapel on Ogoz Island. An ultimate Swiss holiday dream experience, exploring the awe-inspiring beauty of La Gruyere, the picturesque mountains, stunning clear lakes and a total experience of the local Swiss products.

The Chocolate Train operates every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in May, June, September and October and every day in July and August.

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