Indulge in authentic Omani cuisine at the newly launched Sky-Grill

Salalah, Oman (July 28, 2019) – Millennium Resort Salalah is excited to announce the launch of Sky-Grill, an Omani specialty restaurant. Sky-Grill’s aura is perfectly blended with authentic Omani and Middle Eastern cuisine, creating a lasting ‘taste and feel’ effect on the guests. The restaurant will serve dinner throughout the year, however during winter and fall it will serve lunch as well.

The ambiance at Sky-Grill restaurant will give an authentic feel of the Omani culture; with guests being welcomed and assisted by traditionally clad hostess.

The menu is tastefully curated with authentic Arabian and Omani delicacies to appeal the local, Arab and South-Asian community living in Salalah. A delectable dish from Dhofar, Madhbi is the restaurant’s signature dish where a full chicken or a baby lamb is cooked on a Madhbi Grill. The Madhbi Grill, decked with embellished dispensers, bowls and clay or colorful pans is a glassed-walled live cooking station that will let the guests watch their food while it’s being prepared.

During the launch of Sky-Grill, Hesham Youssef, Director of Sales & Marketing, Millennium Resort Salalah, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Sky-Grill restaurant, the latest addition to our dining range. We believe in offering our guests the best taste and feel experience and Sky-Grill will cater to food lovers with dishes that are purely succulent and authentic. We have created Sky-Grill’s dining experience considering all the aspects that display Omani’s culture and tradition; right from the menu to the music, interiors and staff uniforms. The team at the restaurant will make sure that our guests have a wonderful time and would want to come back again.”

True to its name, Sky-Grill is designed to host guests who can savor their food on the terrace overlooking the exquisite views of the Salalah city; while the indoor seating is designed to ensure privacy and comfort, with ample seating capacity. Guests can also enjoy argeela and drinks that will be served on the terrace in a separate lounge setup. Sky-Grill is a perfect dining destination for your everyday gatherings that serves high-quality authentic local food amid bahari music, adding the perfect Omani touch to the dine-out.

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