Artificial IntelligenceaKey Growth Enabler for UAE’s Healthcare Sector: Al Zahra Hospital

Dubai, UAE; July 28, 2019: Al Zahra Hospital Dubai (AZHD), striving to embody the principles propagated by the ‘UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda for Health’,is aiming to be one of the early adopters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed technologies. To fast-track this process, AZHD has further strengthened its partnership with Siemens Healthineers’, one of the largest healthcare providers in the world.

Healthcare specialists are often challenged with unwanted variability and inconsistent results,when people of different physiologies and anatomies areexaminedduring MRI examinations and ultrasound imaging. In an attempt to overcome these challenges, clinicians have traditionally compromised on ultrasound image resolution, or penetration of their ultrasound imaging.

 “Around 47.5 percent of UAE residents are overweight, and close to 13 percent are obese. To address this challenge on an urgent basis, AZHD’s adoption of Siemens Healthineers’ newly released ACUSONSequoia ultrasound system, with its higher penetration capabilities, now equips the hospital to accurately diagnose patients with larger body types,” stated Dr. MohaymenAbdelghany, CEO of Al Zahra Hospital Dubai (AZHD).

ACUSONSequoia’s new BioAcoustic imaging technology accurately represents human biology and tracks the ultrasound signal throughout the signal path for a high quality image.

 “AZHD will be one of the early adopters in the UAE to install the state-of-the-art high-tech MRI and Ultrasound systems to provide accurate diagnostic support to its different current and future certified centers of excellence in AZHD such as orthopaedics and sports injuries, bariatrics and metabolic surgery, minimally invasive gynaecology, oncology and cardiology in a major step to pursue our vision of leading the region in clinical outcome and patient experience.”

 “Fast MRI sequences and protocols will enable AZHD to increase imaging quality, minimize post-surgical image discrepancy from 8 to 2% and achieve its same day MRI objective by reducing the MRI wait list. An additional 20 patients will benefit daily from the latest MRI MAGNETOM Vida equipped with the BioMatrix artificial intelligence technology,” addedDr. Mohaymen.

The MAGNETOM Vida, aims to personalise MRI scans by overcoming patientbiovariability, that is the individual’s unique characteristics rather than being seen as an impediment when it comes to MRI scanning. MAGNETOMVida with BioMatrix Technology gives reproducible image quality and comprehensive clinical information irrespective of the patient or system operator.

“We have long years of experience in healthcare and are proud of the high standard of healthcare service we provide. Our philosophy is patient-centric care and focus on the clinical outcome. We are excited about the plans to continue the growth of our hospital, emphasizing our commitment to provide the best healthcare to our community,” added Dr. Mohaymen.

Ole Maloy, Managing Director, Siemens Healthineers Middle Eastand Southern and Eastern Africa,
“Improving patient experience is an integral part of our company values and is deeply embedded within our DNA. At Siemens Healthineers, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver high-value care. We are extremely proud to collaborate with Al Zahra Hospital Dubai by providing them with innovative technology and supporting them in their journey to provide the best healthcare for UAE.”

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