31-year-old Senegalese footballer who heard for the first time in Abu Dhabi now leads a happier life

Dubai, UAE, July 31st, 2019:Three months down the line after the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, Mame Mdiaye, the Senegalese footballer now leads a much more fulfilling life in his country.  Deaf and mute by birth, the 31 year old Mdiayecelebrated and rejoiced when he was able to hear for the first time in his life.  Starkey Hearing Technologies, who had fitted him with the hearing aids, was delighted to see him integrating well into society when they recently visited him in Senegal.

“As part of our normal routine, we try to keep a track on the progress made by people who have been supported with our hearing aids.  There is a regular follow-up that is needed by these special people, as they are experiencing a new world of hearing for the very first time. Our volunteers make regularvisits and help them to integrate well into the society so that they can lead a normal and fulfilling life. We are confident, that as a footballer, he can now add more value to his team and score some match winning goals,” said Giscard Bechara, Director of Starkey MEA FZCO.

Mame, who also missed outon his schooling because he couldn’t hear or speak, is one of the most loved members of his football team and a great entertainer. He visited the ‘Healthy Hearing’ pavilion at the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Centre, where a thorough hearing health screening was done by Starkey Hearing Technologies. The teamwas confident that he would be able to overcome his disabilities if he was fitted with a hearing aid.

“To see many of these athletes hear for the very first time in their lives was a  gratifying achievement for us. We are glad to have made that lasting difference in their lives. Each success story was unique and the emotions had no boundaries for us, the athletes and for their families back in their home countries,” added Giscard.

A total of 260 athletes from across 67 countries are now able to hear clearly, for the very first time in their lives, through the hearing aids provided by Starkey Hearing Technologies. Some of these athletes had partial hearing loss which was then completely rectified. Around 478 hearing aids were fitted on these athletes and out of these 54% of them were male athletes. Starkey has been extending official support to the Special Olympics for several years now.

Starkey will also be participating at the ‘AccessAbilities Expo’ that takes place in UAE in November this year, which is the region’s dedicated event, that aims to bring the world’s latest assistive technology products with the goal of enhancing lives of more than 50 million people in the region having disabilities.

“Despite severe need and higher health risks, people of determination are often denied basic health care and services and are frequently among the most vulnerable populations in any country. Unfortunately, unlike any other health condition, hearing disabilities are left untreated until the person loses his complete sense of hearing in most cases. We are here to support them and generate the right level of awareness so that they lead a more fulfilling and happier lifestyle,” concluded Giscard.

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