Month-Long “Taif Season” to Kick off Tomorrow

The inaugural “Taif Season” begins tomorrow and will run throughout the month of August. The festival features more than 70 quality events in four main areas: Souk Okaz, Ward Village, the Crown Prince’s Camel Festival; and the Al-Baid Masters, which includes mountain hiking in Al Hada and Al Shafa; as well as a host of accompanying events designed to highlight Taif’s status as a popular Arab resort and position it as the leading Arab tourist destination.

Saudi Seasons has previously announced the launch of “Taif Season,” which will showcase Taif as a key tourist destination for regional and international visitors. The season will also highlight Taif’s cultural and historic status, its cultural depth and artistic diversity, and its clement weather and abundant natural produce. Taif Season will revive historic events and present innovative quality activities that meet the desires of families inside Saudi Arabia and tourists from outside the country.

Souk Okaz is one of the key areas in “Taif Season”: one of the most important markets in Arab history, it disappeared into antiquity, before being revived 13 years ago. This year, it is presented in a new format, with a greatly expanded area, including a range of new activations. The most important of these is the “Arab Neighborhood”, a dedicated area where for the first time 11 Arab countries are represented: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

Other events include the Okaz International Poetry Market competition, which is in a new format and will offer valuable prizes, as well as historical areas such as Okaz Avenue. This year, a number of Arab stars will also be performing in musical evenings held at Souk Okaz.

The “Village of Roses” will be hosted in the famous Al Radf Park, hosting a unique collection of activities related to the flower, including a Rose Museum, Perfume Lab, Rose Orchestra, Rose Circus, Rose Crafts, and many more. The park will also host the Adrenaline event and carnival games, the Art Road, and the Fruit Avenue.

The Crown Prince’s Camel Festival returns, hosting the most important camel races in the world. This year, the camel festival will also feature a number of innovative events, including a camel museum, murals, a popular market, the Camel Circus, and a range of sports challenges.

The Al Hada and Al Shafa mountains host the most exciting activities of the Al-Baid masters, which include mountain hiking, a color marathon, and sports challenges, as well as special events, such as the “Samar Session” and “Samra Al Mashawi”. There will also be events running alongside “Taif Season” throughout August, including shopping and cinema festivals in Taif’s main malls, and tours of historic landmarks and mosques.

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