Bask in Kazakhstan’s Royal Sport of Falconry

Almaty, Kazakhstan, 15 August 2019: Be one with nature and experience one of the main attractions in Kazakhstan, Falconry. A touristic entertainment that has attracted visitors from all over the world and has been a significant aspect of their history.

Aiming to provide a unique and cultural experience, falconry routes in Kazakhstan which operates from May to September with a length of 100 kilometers. The most popular spot to practice the sport is situated 68 kilometers from Almaty, the Ushkonyr tract. What’s more, tourists can get accustomed to the traditions of the Kazakhs by being one with the wildlife and indulge in a range of delectable dishes cooked on a fire.

Falconry in Kazakhstan is called ‘Sayat’, a sport that is considered beautiful and special, embodying solidarity, adventures, and challenges. Witness the majestic birds soar through the natural landscapes and learn the skills of hunting in a safe area accompanied by professional falconers.

Maria Ryzhkova, Director of Discover Almaty, said, “We would like to invite guests from all over the world who share the same interest in traditional falconry hunting to visit Kazakhstan and experience our excursions. Our programs are curated to provide valuable opportunities for people to partake in this historical sport in a legal and organized way and ensure continuous development in breeding and protecting these marvelous species.”