From A-listers and athletes, to social media sensations – celebrities just can’t stop raving about the facial cleansing device that makes perfect summer skin a reality. Created by Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO the LUNA range of cleansing devices is the secret to a clear and glowing complexion – to shine like a star!

And with Fashion week around the corner, you can now get that front row selfie glow.Four cities, countless fashion shows and long days – this is the reality of Fashion Week and will put your skin under a lot of strains. It’s safe to say that fashion never sleeps. Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO has got you covered to ensure that you are glowing on the front row.

LUNA mini 2

The LUNA mini 2 will have you looking fresh as ever! T-Sonic pulsations are combined with bacteria-resistant silicone to get rid of 99.5% impurities. Additionally, waterproof design with 8 customizable intensities means you can get a deep cleanse even in the shower!

LUNA fofo

Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water mixed with some lemon juice. A perfect kick to start your metabolism and a first step to detoxify your skin. Water helps you flush the toxins and keeps your skin hydrated. For your skin, use the LUNAfofo. The bespoke and personalized smart device cleanses your skin with its super hygienic silicone bristles, reads your skin’s moisture levels and gives you all the knowledge you need to achieve a healthy front row glow. The smart facial cleansing brush is the perfect definition of easy and simple beauty steps to cleanse your skin.

Here’s the world’s brightest stars raving about FOREO.

Venus Williams

As an athlete, Venus recognizes the importance of regular exfoliation to keep skin clean and clear, she says; “I must exfoliate, it gives your skin life! Ideally, FOREO, but also a towel or a brush works well too.”

Miley Cyrus

When Miley postedan Instagram story from inside her bathroom, eagle-eyed FOREO fans were quick to spot the LUNA device on the shelf behind her. Miley has openly spoken about her skin problems and is quick to share tips and advice with her followers.

Huda and Mona Kattan

Hudabeauty founders Huda and Mona Kattan are both longtime fans of FOREO, often taking to their Instagram pages to share products they love with their combined following of almost 40 million.

Victoria Beckham

FOREO was the brand of choice for Victoria Beckham at London Fashion Week, entrusted to get the models runway ready before the fashion house’s first ever ‘ready to wear’ presentation.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian spilled her skincare secrets and took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of the LUNA 2 device with her 143 million followers.

ichola Joss – Facialist to Meghan Markle

Nichola is Meghan Markle’s very own facialist and an advocate of cleansing for clean and clear skin; “the two most common mistakes women make are not cleansing their skin properly and leaving cleansing particles in the skin,”says Joss. She often raves about FOREO’s products including the LUNA fofo and the UFO smart masking device.

A notion very much agreed by FOREO’s Product Marketing Manager Dalia Fernandez; “Good skin is in and everyone is always on the lookout for the best way to get a clear and glowing complexion, especially during the hot summer months. The results of the LUNA range speak for themselves and we’re not surprised that celebrities are not only using the LUNA devices but are taking it upon themselves to share this skincare secret with the world and raving about the benefit

FOREO is available in-store at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty Free, and online at ​ and ​ as well as many other premium retail and online channels across the Middle East.

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