The new Real-Time Tracking System provides live speeds and split times during athletic races.

A new era of sports timekeeping has begun! As the Official Timekeeper of the Diamond League, OMEGA has proudly brought more transparency to stadium races by measuring the live speed and split times of athletes in real time.

During competitions, all runners now wear a high-tech chip weighing just 16 grams inside the start number on their chest. Thanks to receivers installed around the stadiums, these chips send live split times and current speeds to the systems used by stadium screens and TV commentators – all while the race is still going on.

Statistics such as 10m split times for sprinters and lap times for long-distance competitors are nothing new, but until now, experts had to wait a long time after the race had finished for timekeeping specialists to analyse the videos and provide an exact breakdown of the data.

This hurdle has finally been cleared! Now, the information will be immediate, and will enable analysis of each performance as it happens, or immediately after the runners cross the finish line.

OMEGA has called the new system the RTTS (Real-Time Tracking System), which makes every runner’s performance transparent. Using the system’s data, you could rank the times of eight 100m finalists at 20m, 50m, 70m or 90m as well as at the finish line. Those who are interested can then find out instantly who performed best at the start of the race, who accelerated most quickly, who reached their highest speed earliest and who was able to hold their top speed for the longest amount of time.

This in-depth information provides a much greater understanding of a race as it happens, as well as immediately after. It delivers fantastic content for those watching in the stadiums and on TV. Of course, trainers, coaches and the athletes themselves can use the information to later analyse and develop their performance.

As well as its duties at the Diamond League, OMEGA is also the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, and will fulfil the role for the 29th time at Tokyo 2020.

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