KACHINS COUTURE Fall / Winter 2019 Collection

Kachins Couture is a luxury boutique which specializes in designing bespoke suits. For the Fall/Winter’19 collection, Kachins Couture has released an exquisite range of designs and fabrics to create custom silhouettes and personalized suits for their local and international clients.

If you’re looking for some ideas for your Autumn Winter suits,Kachins Couture is the best place to be. Kachins Couture’s bespoke suits are impeccably crafted, because they are hand-crafted bythe finest tailors and expert craftsmen who utilize their extensive craftsmanship knowledge to getting the perfect fit according to every individual’s exact body shape and measurements, using different cutting styles and adjusting lengths.

For the best winter suit, pay attention to the suit’s construction and fabric. The ideal winter suit is produced of sturdy material that will keep you warm during the windy fall and winter months. Stay away from the light suit fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, seersucker, chambray and fresco, because, unlike in the summer, the winter fabric is better suited to retaining the form of a suit and maintaining its structure, so any wrinkling or wearing of material won’t be an issue.

To this day wool remains the most popular fabric for suits due to its renowned draping ability, its shape and versatility, and its ability to be spun as loosely or tightly to be as warm as needed.Cashmere is also another fan favorite, due to its coveted and luxurious qualities as a suit fabric, known for its unparalleled soft texture and the high level of comfort it provides.This fabric is highly adaptable to climate change and will take you from day to night.

Tweed will always give timeless ease to the wearer. It makes a fine winter suit choice because it is thick, warm, water resistant, and durable. A tweed suit, with its distinctive pattern unique only to this variety of fabric, is definitely the way to go to make a classic statement.

The Herringbone Suit much like tweed, but with its additional distinctive thin zig-zag pattern, is a solid choice as well.The Flannel Suitis also increasingly reinventing itself and appearing on international runways targeted towards the bold and stylish modern man.It is one of the most luxurious fabrics, largely due to its polished, felted appearance and extreme softness. Meanwhile, you can get a day-to-day wear out of it.

Their favorite trend and focus this year is texture. You can find rich, lifted fabrics for everything from coats to suits. Their ties this season are exaggerated takes on classics, made in textured wools, knits, and silks. Kachins Couture is tapping into one of the most traditional, old-school men’s fashion fabrics, for a handful of fitted jackets–adding a slight twist to modernize the classic suit.

Checkered Suits are never out of fashion.They convey a vintage elegance that is both contemporary and traditional, and again an ideal choice for Fall / Winter 2019.

Furthermore,add some style and dimension to your winter look; complement the dark hues or contrast them with bright or patterned pieces. Knit ties are a great seasonal accessory for winter and generally match all suit silhouettes. Scarves are a winter essential that also tie your entire look together. Finally, try adding some floral to your ensemble. Dark florals are definitely a fall/winter staple. Achieve this trend with a floral tie, simple dark floral button up, or even a floral pocket square.

Kachins Couture’s Fall/Winter ’19 collection is offering a multitude of styles, colours, and fits, so you can determine the statement that you want to make when rocking your favorite suit. With various options to personalize one’s selection, Kachins Couture’s garments stand apart from others for their commitment to quality and luxury. Presentation is everything and the value of a good suit never goes unnoticed. Book your bespoke suit appointment today at the nearest Kachins store.

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