Heritage Middle East Museum and Exhibition Technologies Fair & Conference to Make its Grand GCC Debut in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12 September 2019: For the very first time in its 4-year history, the Heritage Middle East Museum and Exhibition Technologies Fair & Conference, an exclusive event dedicated to museology, arts and culture, will take place in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi from 30 September to 2 October, 2019.

Commenting on the occasion, Gönül Akyıldız, CEO of event co-organizer TG Expo, said, “This edition of the Heritage Middle East Museum and Exhibition Technologies Fair and Conference is monumentally special to us, mainly because of the location. The heart of modern culture beats in Abu Dhabi, a sentiment attributed to the city for its unmatched efforts in developing the fields of art, heritage and culture. Abu Dhabi is largely seen as the future capital of museology so it is the ideal address for this event. Europe was the strongest player in the Heritage sector of the world. As a result of this kind of cultural events which are organized in the East, we know that Abu Dhabi is going to be the new capital of art, culture and museology with the high demands of visitors and the business potentials.

Heritage Middle East is a dynamic platform for thousands of attendees, including 60 exhibitors that shape the museology, culture and arts sector industry in the world. Leading global museums, museum curators, engineers, art historians, conservators and professionals of culture and art will come together in the side events and organizations to be held under the Heritage Middle East Museum and Exhibition Technologies Fair & Conference.

A key feature of the event is the conference which features panels led by museologists, museum designers, architects, art historians, conservators and art professionals that will come together and discuss local governance, design and innovation, artistic and cultural activities around the Arab world, as well as reveal future global projects. The speakers at the three-day conference include Boris Micka, the founder of Boris Micka Associates; Uwe Brückner, Atelier Brückner’s founder and Creative Director; Jan Imberi, Creative Producer of Tamschick Media+Space GmbH; and Berkan Karpat, Artists Association Chairman of Haus der Kunst Museum.

“This is an exciting time for Abu Dhabi as it is a time of artistic transformation and cultural renaissance, especially with the start of the unique Saadiyat Cultural District project that include Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum, and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, an architectural marvel designed by Pritzker prize winning designers. Abu Dhabi is expected to become the capital of the world culture in 10 to 15 years with the support of United Arab Emirates (UAE),” concluded Akyıldız.

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