Typica Speciality Café Launches This Month in Dubai Championing The Best in Coffee

4 September 2019 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates –Launching this month on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road, Typica Speciality Café has one key goal – to bring the best coffee in the world to the UAE.

The venue – named Typica after the varietal of coffee – will focus on making brews with the highestquality coffee, crafted by master baristas, with a commitment to the best farms and sustainable practices.

Unique in its DNA, Typica Speciality Coffee’s offers a higher quality experience from the unique specialty grade coffee varieties on offer, the freshness which it is brought to the market, through to the knowledge of the team and outstanding customer service.  The Typica team includes award winners, including manager Michaela who took the title of ‘Best Barista for Espresso – U.A.E. National Barista Champion’ in 2018 and ‘Best Barista for Pour-over – Dubai National Brewers Cup Champion’ in 2017. She will compete as U.A.E.’s world barista championship representative for 2020 in Melbourne.

The uniqueness of product on offer is also at the core of Typica’s philosophy, with micro-lots of beans sourced and only available at Typica in the UAE. From Brazil, Mexico and Panama, award-winning harvests such as the those from ‘cup of excellence’ wining farmer and Janson Estate Geishas will be served.  Each cup will be expertly brewed using the UAE’s only Aremde coffee machine designed to allow the baristas to engage with customers at the max and display their art and skills at the fullest.

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