Submerge in an Exceptional Aquatic Adventure

Abu Dhabi, 22 September 2019: Discover the most enthralling freshwater creatures and ecosystem at the AQUATIS Aquarium-vivarium in Lausanne. Immerse in an awe-inspiring journey exhibiting animals through a totally interactive and innovative scenography th1at combines environmental education and leisure.

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium de Lausanne

Experience an intimate and immersive trip to the 3500M2 vicinity of the AQUATIS, flaunting 46 aquariums/vivarium’s/terrariums. Be mesmerized with over 10,000 fishes, 100 reptiles and amphibians. Dive into an extraordinary tour across five continents to explore the foremost freshwater environments and their flora and fauna.

The exceptional freshwater aquarium in Lausanne carries two-floor levels, boasting different educational exhibits and adventures. Start off your journey with Europe, a course along the first floor featuring freshwater of the Rhone uncovering formed landscapes as well as diverse species of fish, snakes, and amphibians. On the second floor, come across the African lakes, the River Zaire and be ready to encounter desert crocodiles. Learn about the mangroves in Asia and the rice-fish farms that run along the Mekong River with its floating villages. Mark the end of your AQUATIS visit in the tropical greenhouse dedicated to the world’s largest reservoir of biodiversity, the Amazon. Don’t miss out to dine in the thematic restaurant and terrace with an atmosphere of Amazon.

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