Zoutons enters the race of UAE coupon aggregation market

Zoutons is a coupons and deals aggregation website that directs its users to the ongoing deals and offers on their favourite stores, making online shopping a nimble process for its users. Being one of the largest coupons and deals aggregator in India, the past five year have led to a substantial growth of Zoutons with over 2-million monthly traffic as per 2019. This hike accounts to 30 times the initial overall performance of Zoutons. With this rapid growth and market demand, https://Zoutons.ae/ found its way in the UAE market in order to help the consumers to execute better purchases.

Zoutons aims to serve its users with an integrated platform to discover the big saver deals and offers, which might otherwise have been left unnoticed on the store’s website.The team at Zoutons is consistently working to make online shopping a comprehensive process for its users by making the coupon search easier and upfront. More than 60% of the population in UAE prefers to transact online, which suffices the idea of Zoutons’ comprehensive launch in the Arab borders.

Zoutons continues to pace up with the growing interests of its users, as its UAE website helps the platform users to access a considerable range of exclusive and additional deals, promo codes and discounts from top e-commerce stores. Zoutons.ae is already incorporated with more than 100 stores for online shopping, food delivery, travel and accommodation and 75 constituent categories with clothing, electronics, footwear, books et cetera, to select from.

Zoutons has partnered with a handful of stores and displays the deals, coupons and updated offers from Noon, Amazon, Tajawal, Talabat, Careem and many more. The platform aims to take a flight with the ardent manifestation of experience, trustworthiness and quality in the business of utmost support to the consumers.

Though the self-explanatory tagline, The Loot Is On says a lot about the characteristics of Zoutons, the features that sum up the existence of this user-friendly platform are-

● A refined home page- The homepage is comprised of all the acute information including featured stores and categories. It is designed to streamline all the consumer preferences in a way that is easily accessible. The home screen also specifies all the prime and rational offers to minimise the search process.

● Widespread offers and deals- The users can easily look for offers on the website by searching for the preferred store, and a whole list of valid offers drops down. The consumers are free to avail them.

● Deals that complement- If the consumers are surfing for offers from a particular store, Zoutons give them suggestions about the deals that other such stores are offering on the platform. This will help the consumer to stay informed about the best offer/deal for their purchase.

● Read/write a critique- Zoutons manages a section for store reviews of all the stated stores that consumers opt to make a purchase from. Also, the authentic user-reviews are maintained to ensure credibility to the consumers. Zoutons is open at all hours to be reviewed by its customers.

Where a large share of the market encourages such a coupon aggregator, some are absolutely clueless about the savings that coupons and offers can bring these users on their regular purchase invoice. Here, the coupon aggregator comes to the rescue with a consolidated library of varied stores and associated coupons, offers and deals. Zoutons renders descriptive blogs and news to ensure the customers a detailed insight in the upcoming and ongoing online sales. Apart from a distinctive and interactive User Interface that Zoutons offers, the content on the stores is regularly updated to keep consumers tuned to the website. Zoutons has unleashed its mark in India and USA with its genuine services while Zoutons UAE is slowly paving its way to the massive consumer base.