New Program for UAE Residents & Expats to Secure Fast Work Abroad

Dubai, UAE – 24 September 2019: Vazir Group, the UAE-based immigration advisory boutique, headquartered in Dubai, has announced an expansion to their Canadian permanent residency program, the Foreign Work Program. The program is a two-phase process aimed to support participants in their relocation to Canada by assisting clients in securing job opportunities in their domain. First, Vazir Group secures a job and work permit for the client, and then it assists in the submission of the permanent residency upon request. All Canadian work requirements are prepared in the UAE by Vazir Group so that clients can begin working upon arrival.

Vazir Group provides expertise and advice for those looking to utilize the programs in line with Canada’s Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan set-out by the government that is designed to welcome around one million new immigrants between 2018 and 2020. Under the scheme, Canada is expected to accept 330,000 new permanent residents this year.

Vrinda Gupta, Managing Partner of Vazir Group: “The UAE and Canada have a broad and deep relationship, each nation focusing on developing social prosperity for its citizens, thus consistently ranking high as world best places to live. Each nation is quite a competitive relocation destination; however, our research shows that in the UAE there is still a demand for a stable and secure residency which encourages people to consider moving aboard.”

“We found that 58% of UAE residents consider Canada as a preferred relocation destination. The country has a generous policy for accepting new immigrants, largely due to its relatively small population compared to the country’s vast geographic area. The main purpose of our new Foreign Work Program is to help individuals expedite the process of acquiring a work permit and apply for a permanent residency.”

This program is the cheapest and fastest relocation solution Vazir group offers; applicants will receive the work permit in 3 to 9 months, this being the door to Canadian permanent residency. Through the program, UAE applicants can gain many advantages. Prominently, among these advantages is visa-free access to 23 additional countries in addition to their current visa. Additionally, holders of Canadian permanent residency receive various civic benefits such as free healthcare, free education, social service benefits, dual citizenship, and tax-free global income.

The program targets UAE expatriates and residences looking for career opportunities abroad. Through the assistance of a carefully appointed specialist, the Vazir Group completely supports the immigration process, providing clients with a smooth transition to their new residence. Vazir specialists facilitate the completion of all immigration requirements and within 90 days the client can expect to receive a secure job offer and to obtain their Canadian work permit (if in 90 days of signing the contract a job is not obtained, Vazir Group commits to fully refund fees to the client). As an additional advantage, the Vazir Group is planning to expand their physical presence to Canada to provide ground support to their clients.

In recent years Canada has been gaining global authority, this year, they were recognised as the world’s 3rd best country and ranked 10th in the world’s strongest currencies and economies. In addition to becoming a prime place for relocation because of its economy, multiculturalism, and social services consistent with the Multi-year Immigration Plan, Canada’s job market is expanding, opening doors to diverse and golden career opportunities, creating stable permanent residency programs for immigrants.

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