Yalla Baby Box is a One-Stop Shop for All Things Baby Delivered to the Door

The new monthly baby essentials subscription platform will take care of

parents’ needs while they take care of their new baby

18 September 2019, Dubai – Parenting just got a little easier with the launch of Yalla Baby Box. An online shop with a premium service for all things baby – the new website has a high level of customization and aims to be the go-to solution for parents pinched for time, educating them with key facts about their little ones.

Yalla Baby Box is a flexible, monthly subscription box for all essential baby needs ranging from diapers and wipes to toys, baby care products and formula. In addition to these necessities, Yalla Baby Box drops in surprise treats for parents and their baby every month.

Yalla Baby Box is currently partnered with Indie June, Bundle of Joy, Babies and Beyond, Darcey Flowers and King’s College Hospital among others. It also has specialist doctors, pediatricians and psychologists on hand to chat and provide basic support to parents 24/7.

“Not limited to just babies, Yalla Baby Box also features wellness products for new mums,” said Francisco Pellegrini, CEO of Yalla Baby Box. “We’re on a mission to make parenting feel a little less daunting, so we’ve created a one-stop shop with no strings attached. All it takes is 3 simple steps to get started.”

Shipped every four weeks, parents can customize their order or opt for a pre-packed bundle based on recommendations inspired by their baby’s profile. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence and data analytics from specialist doctors, educating users on what is best for babies and mommies. Committed to saving parents time and money, Yalla Baby Box’s website is easy and informative, with bundles designed to be practical and affordable.

Delivered to doorsteps every month, it also saves new parents from the nightmare of dashing out at midnight for baby formula or diapers.

Yalla Baby Box offers products for newborn babies to walking toddlers, expecting mothers and new mothers. A typical bundle features diapers and wipes with the option of having “additional add-on” products like baby bath, formula and nutrition, accessories, hair care and skincare products for mothers.

Parents can create an account for their little ones on Yalla Baby Box’s website to receive specific product recommendations suited to their child’s profile. This is tailored using key data points like age, weight and allergies. Yalla Baby Box will launch in September and will deliver to all seven emirates.

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