Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood


Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a district that captures the tradition of Dubai. Characterised by tall wind towers known as barajeel in Arabic, the other buildings of Al Fahidi are made from natural materials and are separated by narrow alleys that provide a sense of mystery and wonder to visitors. Located on the Creek, the district is also next to the Ruler of Dubai’s official divan.



The number of visitors to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood between the months of January and August 2019. Tourists and residents alike travel to this district for a taste of authentic Dubai or to pay a visit to one of the many establishments situated there.


The number official tourist delegations to visit Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood on a monthly basis. Delegations were from all over the world with the majority coming from China


The number of traditional style houses in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The houses are home to galleries, restaurants, specialised museums, exhibition spaces, cultural foundations, house of events and an Arabic calligraphy house. There are also several special events running in Al Fahidi every year, the most notable of which is Sikka Art Fair.

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