go vegan with essence

Are you ready to jump into the conscious living wagon? A vegan living has never been easier! While we generally assume veganism applies to the exclusion of clothes & food, the expense of harm on animals actuallyextends to our everyday cosmetic products. If you’re a label reader, you know how overwhelming the ingredients on cosmetic products can be. Vegan products are all the rage now, and rest assured, they are strictly cruelty free & free from animal-derived ingredients, which means no animals have been harmed and you still get to look & feel your ultimate best!

Here is a round-up of a few of our favorite vegan products from essence to kick-start your vegan journey!

The PLUMPING nudes for instance, are infused with the holy grail of moisturizing ingredients, Shea Butter. It keeps your lips soft & plump throughout the day, avoids chapping and increases elasticity in the skin while giving you a spectacular shine! The YOU BETTER WORK! Fixing Spray has Castor Oil, making sure your skin looks moisturized and freshened out during the day. All these products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly! So go ahead, apply with ease of conscious!