What’s New at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi? President Sultan Al-Hajji Reveals All

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October 28, 2019: The President of Alliance Française Abu Dhabi, Mr. Sultan Al-Hajji revealed that the center is gearing up for a new year chockfull of cultural experiences, initiatives and fun celebrations.

Designed to strengthen cultural cooperation and the bonds of friendship between the UAE and France, Alliance Française Abu Dhabi has supported numerous initiatives in the country that include the organization of the Francophonie Day by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, the reintegration of French language into the UAE public schools, and the opening of a digital museum, Micro-Folie Abu Dhabi at the Alliance Française center.

Commenting on its latest initiatives, Mr. Sultan Al-Hajji stated, “Benefitting from the rise of French language in the UAE with its reintroduction in public schools, we are overjoyed to open a new branch a mere hundred meters from the prestigious Abu Dhabi University that welcomes nearly 6,000 students”.

He added, “Alliance Française is the ideal place to advance Emirati-French dialogue, and its blooming allows the meeting of generations at our dedicated conferences, concerts, exhibitions and the digital museum Micro-Folie”.

The first digital museum and virtual reality space in the UAE, Micro-Folie offers the public an opportunity to learn French while immersing themselves in an exciting cultural context. As an ideal cultural mediation tool, Micro-Folie is also designed to accompany the process of teaching art history and give teaches a unique approach to organize courses at Alliance Française with their students.

Mr. Al-Hajji revealed, “In the next year, our first semester will focus on celebrating 50 years of International Organization of Francophonie, especially during March which is officially recognized as the month of Francophonie. The second semester is dedicated to the Universal Exposition in Dubai. Around these themes, we will organize conferences, author meet and greets, live shows, cinemas, and annual events like the World Music Day.”

Alliance Française Abu Dhabi will end 2019 on a festive note, celebrating its 45th anniversary with a Gala dinner on November 1, 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi. “Guests attending the anniversary celebrations can look forward to not only experiencing a Michelin-starred dinner while being serenaded to live Corsican music, but can also trace Alliance Française’s enriched history with a documentary that will feature at the grand event. It all began in 1974 when H.H. Sheikh Zayed generously granted us with the resources to set up a permanent place to spread French culture in the UAE,” concluded Mr. Al-Hajji.