Morozoff’s Hokkaido Mascarpone Cheesecake adds the sweet touch to the culinary palate

Dubai, UAE – October XX, 2019: Morozoff, Japan’s leading luxury confectionary maker, is reinforcing its leadership with its iconicCheesecake. The sweets maker, headquartered in the central Japanese city of Kobe, began selling the valued cheesecake50 years back in Japan.

The secret of this iconic product lies within the immensely precise and perfected production process that Morozoff insists on up until this day. Using a traditional manufacturing method, theMascarpone cheesecake is made from raw milk grown in fertile landin Hokkaido’s Konsen district.

Hokkaido, situated in the northern part of Japan, is a great milkshed. The cheesecake delivers an assortment of concentrated rich and moist flavors by making use of the best quality cheese, originating from Hokkaido.

Talking about the cheesecake, a spokesperson at Morozoff, said: “The Hokkaido Mascarpone Cheesecakedelivers intense flavors, using cream cheese made from Hokkaido, bringing together the unadulterated taste of these cakes.This special cake is baked with our skill of cultivated by continuing to make cheesecake for five decades. This is extremely popular with our clientele – satisfying the cravings of any sweet tooth over the last fivedecades.”

One key secret of the signature cheesecake is the use of mascarpone cheese, followed by baking at a low temperature. A company with immense heritage, married to modern know-how, Morozoff uses only the bestingredients and maintain the best quality.