Viu announces commissioning of new Arabic Viu Original “AnsafMajanin” in collaboration with celebrated Screenwriter Mariam Naoum

AnsafMajanin is a supernatural Viu Original series adapted from the novel written by renowned Saudi author Dr. ShaymaAlshareef

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22 October2019 – Viu, a leading entertainment streaming serviceand award winning content delivery platform in the Middle East and North Africa with 36 million monthly active users, today announced the commissioning of a brand new Arabic Original titled ‘AnsafMajanin’, brought to life by celebrated screenwriter Mariam Naoum and inspired by one of the most downloaded books in the Arab world‘AnsafMajanin’, written by renowned Saudi author Dr. ShaymaAlshareef.This will be a gripping story for regional and Egyptian audiences and is expected to air in 2020.

The drama series follows the story of amiddle-aged man who wakes up from a heart transplant surgery only to hear the voice of his donor speaking to him, urging him to solve a mystery that he failed to solve in his own lifetime. The Pan-Arab series will be delivered to digital natives with international caliber production quality.

Mariam Naoum, one of the most well-known screenwritersin the Arab World, is an anticipated contributor to the Ramadan show rosterand the talent behind various successful TV shows such as Zay El Shams, Sijn El Nissa and KaenoEmbareh. Commenting on her involvement in this exciting project, she said: “Viu has a successful track record of producing authentic and highly appealing Arabic Viu Originals such as Zodiac and Dune. Working with Viu, I look forward to presenting viewers with a captivating series.What attracted me to the story of ‘AnsafMajanin’was the author’s poetic way in narrating a scientific theory. The work integrates several Arab cultures and differs fromthe typical content approach the regional audience is used to. With Viu, I look forward to presenting viewers with a captivating series that reflects the internal conflict of the main character without losing the essence of the novel itself.”

Commenting on the novel being adapted for the screen, Dr. ShaymaAlshareefsaid: “In my opinion, the supernatural genre presents the opportunity to creatively express one’s imagination and explore new ideas. It is great to be part of taking fiction writing in the Arab world to new heights, where local content is being made in the region to cater to the preferences of local young audiences. These youth now have the opportunity of seeing one of the most downloaded book come to life on the medium of their choice – the digital screen. Through this collaboration with Viu, I am excited to see my novel on screen, which I am sure will be a great visual and entertaining experience.”

WesamKattan, Vice President Content, Viu MENA, said: “The series is in line with Viu’s mission to deliver Arabic originals with content that resonates with viewers across Egypt and the wider MENA region. We are pleased to celebratetalented creators such as Alshareef and Naoum to showcase their success and bring their talents to a fresh medium.”

This Viu Original will be exclusively available to Viu subscribers before the end of the yearand follows the success of Viu Arabic Originals launched earlier this year such as ‘Zodiac’, ‘Ana Sherry dot Com’, ‘Doon’, ‘Hadota Mora’, and ‘El Zoga 18’. The company continues to focus on creating a slate of original productions across different genres for Arab and Asian audiences with the aim of unveiling quality and entertaining productions throughout the year.