PINZA adds dose of flavour to itssumptuous menu

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 October 2019: Known for crafting new recipes based on customer choice and demand, PINZA, the modern ‘pinzeria’ that delivers the lightest, crunchiest, tastiest, and healthiest hand-kneaded crust in Dubai, is premiering Mexican flavours, more plant-based options, and seafood flavours as part of three new pinzas it is adding to its menu.

Tamer Elkhayat, Managing Directorand Co-founder of PINZA, said, “Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and when our fans request a flavour, we go out of our way to make it happen. In response to the demand for more plant-based ingredients and seafood toppings, we introduced ‘El Vegetariano’as another vegetarian option on our growing list and the ‘Pinza Mare’ that comes topped with seasonedprawns. Inspired by these two additions, our kitchen maestros cooked up one more item infused with Mexican flavours that we are sure will entice foodies’ senses: the Acapulco.These new additions are another step on our journey to consolidating our position as the premier choice for pizza in the UAE.”

The El Vegetariano is made with homemade fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese (replaceable with vegan cheese at no extra charge), fresh onion, fresh jalapeno, vegan Mexican chipotle sausage, and vegan ground sausage, topped with fresh lettuceand vegan harissa mayo; the Pinza Mare is made with homemade fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mixed capsicum, seasoned prawnsand topped with fresh lettuce, parsley, and Cajun mayonnaise; while the Acapulco offers a familiar flavour for guacamole lovers or those looking for that Mexican kick to their food, and the chicken may also be replaced with a plant-based protein.

PINZA is a product of love and passion for exceptional food. Every ingredient is handpicked, every flavour is engineered to the exact preference of customers and pizza aficionados, and every new addition to its menu is another culinary exploration that aims to further push the envelope of PINZA’s food philosophy.

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