Roll Camera: Emirates Park Zoo on Al Arabiya TV

As one of the most popular family attractions in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Park Zoo has developed a zootastic reputation for fun, learning and all of its amazing animals.  We love to be able to share the stories of our residents and inspire the public to help make the world safer for animals, wherever they may be.  Our recent renovations and planned expansion have transformed the entire complex and visitors can now enjoy more activities, VIP experiences and animal encounters than ever before; as well as having access to our family-friendly Resort with our new luxury Chalet accommodations.  These exciting developments have helped to raise the profile of the Zoo so much so that Al Arabiya TV couldn’t wait to do a unique feature on everything the zoo has to offer.  They recently sent the team down from their morning show Sabah Al Arabiya to find out more.

Touring the Zoo Set

The immersive Al Arabiya feature started off with a special tour of the Zoo and its many activities and animals.  Host Hiba took the chance to discover some of our VIP experiences, tour our brand new Resort Chalets, feed some friendly animals and chat to some visitors from all over the world.  She started her trip with Breakfast with the Giraffes, where a private group gets to indulge in a delicious morning feast whilst our statuesque giraffes eat right alongside them.  The expert keepers also share key information about the breed and our efforts to protect their habitats for future generations of the species.  Some of the visitors joining her, shared their thoughts on this unique experience as well.  During the remaining parts of her tour, she got to feed Otto the Hippo, Madu and Rada the Elephants and then explore all the other exciting parts of the zoo.

Lights, Camera, Animals!

As well as visiting the zoo for an exclusive tour and chatting to some of our visitors about their experiences, the hosts of Sabah Al Arabiya invited one of our amazing Keepers, Braelee Lilia Hewlett in to the studio to share some behind-the-scenes stories and introduce them to some of her scaly friends.  She was able to take the hosts through how some of our animal interactions and VIP experiences work, highlighting that many of these bespoke interactions at Emirates Park Zoo can’t be found anywhere else in the Middle East. With so many more adventurous and immersive experiences planned in the future, Emirates Park Zoo will be one of the best places to get up close and personal with some extraordinary wildlife.

Originally from Australia, Braelee has worked at Emirates Park Zoo for almost two years and is in-charge of our large Nile crocodiles, Anacondas and Reticulated pythons.  Thanks to our successful breeding programme, we actually welcomed 24 more crocodiles into the zoo in 2019 and Braelee was able to talk about the steps Emirates Park Zoo conducts to aid in species conservation and the fundraising initiatives we involve the public in to protect animals all over the world.  She also brought some fun friends with her, introducing the hosts to Robyn the lizard, Mara the snake and Barney, one of our young crocodiles.  Super brave Maha Abdullah actually managed to have Mara wrapped around her neck!

It was a wonderful opportunity to share all that Emirates Park Zoo has to offer and introduce a new audience to the whole zoo family.  Not only can you come and meet some amazing animals in the zoo, you can keep busy with our wide range of fun activities, choose to take part in a VIP experience, dine at one of our delicious restaurants, stay in our wildlife adjacent resort and learn more about how to look after animals both at home and in the wild.  It is a day out that the whole family will love and a place they will want to come back to again and again.