Top Trends for the Luxury Special Events Industry to be Highlighted at the 3rd Annual Planners Xtraordinaire Show

Top 5 Trends that will shape the luxury special event industry in 2019-2020

  • Out-of-the-Box Venues
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Excellence of Service
  • Multicultural Offer
  • More functions in a Single Event

14th November, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the event industry is set to have grown by a whopping rate of 11% from 2016 to 2026. The projection has increased by 4% as the previously expected growth of 7%. Over the years, the industry has seen a massive growth where corporates believe in engaging in real-time experiences and networking with top global event leaders to get inspired and share some vital insights. The luxury sector of the event industry is also following a similar path. With the massive progression in the sector, special event planners, suppliers and creative partners are working towards building unique and innovative experiences for their audience. In line with this, the Planners Xtraordinaire Show 2019 will be held at a stunning location in Kakheti, Georgia. The exclusive by-invite only event will be taking place from the 22nd-24th October 2019 at the exceptional Radisson Collection Hotel Tsinandali Estate, where top luxury special event experts will spill the beans on the trends for the upcoming year.

Clients are now looking at destinations that are unique and have not been explored often, they are on the lookout for exotic, untouched destinations. Talking about out-of-the-box venues, Olga Pleshakova, the Regional Director of Sales – Russia & CIS, Aman Hotels & Resorts says “Brides, grooms and planners are now exploring new, fresh destinations; places their friends have not yet visited or gotten married.” Similar are the thoughts of Paolo Romano, the Co-Founder of Med in Style from Italy and he adds “Fabulous destinations that keep their timeless charm, style and touch based on centuries of experience in the most exclusive and intimate way, is a new meaning of luxury”.

The next trend that is all set to dominate the luxury special event industry sphere is effective marketing. There is no place for shrinking violets in the industry and the best way to go about it is to market your brand in effectively on a global platform. Needless to say social media plays a huge role, especially in grabbing the attention of Millennial clients who represent a very large demographic of the luxury special events industry. In recent years the impact of Social Media on Hospitality Business rose significantly and the year 2020 will not be an exception. It is the age of Instagram and Facebook, being noticed and discovered online became easier than ever, but turning that visibility into brand loyalty requires consistent effort. The key is to have a dedicated team to plan social media campaigns and events that can elevate the brand” says Lika Dumbatze, the Event Coordinator at Villa Eva in Italy. In agreement of the same, Olga from Aman Hotels & Resorts explains “Hotels, wedding vendors and planners are shifting focus to Instagram to increase brand impression and define style in effort to recruit clients because they don’t care about websites and print media as much as Instagram.”

With social media playing such a huge impact on the industry and with multiple ideas out there on Instagram and Pinterest for clients to take inspiration from, personalization becomes a challenge. But the excellence of service in terms of customization is what can change the ball game of the special events industry. Speaking about the emphasis of customization, Dr. Maria Socratous, the Tourist Officer at Visit Cyprus says “Customized services to accommodate every need. Luxury combined with the unspoiled natural environment can give the customers a unique, unforgettable experience.” She further adds “Creation of a personalized experience based on the need of the customer incorporating wellness in the event – offering the guests spa treatments, yoga sessions, indulging in the local gastronomy etc will make a difference.” Further adding to the thought process, Lika claims Clients wants their events to be more personalized than ever. Focus on curating exceptional experiences and delivering an individualized attendee experience will be more important for 2020”.

A major part of personalization today is also about inculcating the values, culture & traditions of their clients to make their special day even more memorable. Tarik Egemen from Titanic Mardan Palace, says that the hotel is one of the most popular hotels for Indian destination weddings & events. “The luxury events including Indian wedding is enormously rising every year and Antalya is becoming the top choice among other destinations. As we are one of the top hotels on luxury events and big fat Indian weddings, we would like to get more ideas on how to develop a multicultural offer for international clients” he explains.

Another trend for the upcoming year that would play a pivotal role in shaping the luxury special events is inclusion of more and more experiences as part of a single event. Talking about the importance of the same Areesh Muhisin, the COO of Rizot Holidays from Maldives says “Clients of luxury special events industry are never satisfied with ‘less is more’. They expect more activities such as a surprise act or world class entertainment to be a part of the event. They also expect more function such as a gala dinner, arrival reception or cocktail party in a single wedding or celebration, and this is something that will definitely rule the market in the coming year.

Summarizing the insights on the upcoming trends in luxury special events, Sidh NC, Director at QnA International, the organizers of the PX Show says “Keeping in mind the latest trends we are all set to host 200 luxury and special event experts in Georgia at the 3rd Annual Planners Xtraordinaire Show. Georgia is an upcoming destination for luxury special events that ticks all the boxes on the latest trends and is ready to be explored by industry leaders for future events.”

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