5 Tips for Insta-worthy Travel Photos

Travel offers the perfect time for people to immerse themselves in the moment. Whether meeting new people, exploring sights and sounds, or embracing diverse cultures and history, travel is the perfect way to see and experience the world in new ways.

In the digital era, more travelers are sharing their favorite travel moments through social media than ever before. This provides them a tool for documenting a trip and also offers an essential platform for post-travel reflection on new experiences and memories gained.

Featuring a pro-grade camera and video-editing tools that are sure to have users capturing stunning travel photos and video, Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ lineup is the perfect travel companion to help convey the spirit of a destination to others. With a suite of advanced imaging technology and software, the Note10 series elevates smartphone videography and photography to the next level, helping users’ social media posts, stories, and videos stand out and make a true impact in their friends’ social feeds.

In light of World Tourism Day, here’s an insightful list of ways Galaxy Note10 users can boost their travel photography game.

  1. Capture All Angles – With multiple lenses, the Note10’s pro-grade cameras are perfect for capturing meaningful travel moments in an innovative variety of ways. Combining four cameras on the Note10, or five on the Note10+, users can make use of intelligent software and shooting modes that allow them to take the perfect shot at every scene. Whether taking selfies or Ultra-wide angle photos, the Note10’s camera innovations enable users to unleash their utmost creativity and take their travel photography to new levels.
  2. Live Focus – Travelling abroad offers people a great opportunity to enjoy putting time into photography and video. No matter their skill level, the Note10 range can transform their capabilities through innovations such as Live Focus Video. This provides a pro-live experience with premium video technology that allows users to focus on the subject, blur the background, and choose between specialized effects to shoot video with pro-grade competency.
  3. Stay Out Late – All aspiring photographers can relate to taking blurry, out-of-focus nighttime photos. Low light conditions can be particularly annoying and difficult to shoot in, especially since so many fun-filled travel activities and moments happen after dark. However, with the Note10’s Night Mode, stunning selfies after dusk are now a possibility. This means that experiencing difficulties capturing selfies in low light situations – such as during sunset or at dinner – are a thing of the past thanks to Night Mode’s ability to help users take epic shots regardless of the lighting conditions.
  4. Shoot on the Fly – Travelling offers up all kinds of fleeting moments and experiences, which can often pass by in an instance. These moments offer the perfect occasion for spontaneous travel photography, but this is often easier said than done. Thankfully, shooting from the hip is possible thanks to the Note10’s intuitive and intelligent features. To ensure users never miss the perfect shot the Note10 lets them configure the order of the camera modes to suit their preferences, minimizing the time it takes to access the camera and its numerous shot modes. This is complemented by a new UX experience inspired by natural gestures, which enables users to switch between camera modes, zoom profiles, and modes via different gesture controls.
  5. Edit on the Go – The post-production process is one of the best ways to digitally-enhance and edit video. However, conventional editing software and processes can be tiresome and tedious, especially when users want to maximize their vacation time doing the things they love most. By enabling users to do more, the Note10’s advanced integrated mobile editing suite lets them transform content from great to exceptional right from their palms via an end-to-end video editing experience.