Groupado launches experiential platform in the Middle East

Influencers, talented people and professionals from across the world will be able to create and host life changing experiences

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19th November 2019 – Groupado, a community of inspired people from across the world who seek, offer, and share unique mind-opening experiences as well as their knowledge and skills, will launch in the UAE this weekend. By being part of the network creators will be able to organize “experiences”, confirm attendees and collect payments. Groupado will celebrate its launch in the Middle East on the 23rd of November at the Caesar Palace hotel in Dubai in parallel with the global launch that will initially take place in the United States, Australia, Spain, France, UK and Russia.

The event will be attended by top influencers from across the region who will participate in and host fun and engaging activities such as catwalk show, photography lessons, perfume mixing, office yoga, henna painting, cake decoration, flower arrangement, portrait painting, numerology, public speaking, accessory crafting, modeling, fashion designing, mens fashion styling, handbag design and catwalk skills workshops. Groupado is an online tool and mobile application that empowers influencers and experience creators to host experiences across multiple verticals while earning income and promoting their services.

“This tool is not only for bloggers and influencers but also for talented individuals who want to share their passion with the world. Through groupado, we aim to build a global community of people excited to inspire, learn, and create new adventures. This means that they can easily put their skills to use and monetize them by becoming experience creators. Everyday people, especially Millennials, from all over the world crave new experiences and opportunities to build strong and inspired communities. We help them build these powerful networks through our platform.” said Adnane Tekaya, CEO of groupado.

Groupado experiences can range from skill set sharing, services or talents experience creators would like to offer and sell. These can include professional services from certified instructors and trainers or coaches selling their services, as well as talented people who want to share their skills with other aspiring people, be it guitar classes, cooking skills or calligraphy. There are no limits to what types of experiences creators would like to share on groupado, while inspiring others by what they have to offer.

Groupado has a very reliable and unbiased review system. Users can evaluate experiences only after purchasing and availing them. Once posted, their comments cannot be deleted or altered by the host. What makes this tool stand-out from the crowd even more is that experience creators can only create an event after being verified that they are complaint with the country’s rules and regulations. Plus, they have the flexibility to create closed groups or private workshops and events by sharing the experience URLs only with a selected number of people.

With the platform’s secure online payment system, you can sign up and pay for experiences, receive payments as an experience creator, use money you earn by purchasing in-app experiences or transferring cash to your personal account. You can also earn money on groupado by referring people in your community to join the community as experience creators or users.

Groupado will be available for downloads across major app stores from the 23rd of November free of charge.

About Groupado:

Groupado is a unique online platform and app that empowers influencers and bloggers to host experiences across multiple verticals ranging from business to health/fitness to beauty and fashion and many more! We are present in countries around the world including UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, France, Russia, Lebanon, Europe and India. Groupado unites the world by building a knowledge-rich community of experience creators and seekers. The brand is powered by business savvy influencers, creatives, and bloggers who are eager to leverage their following for global impact. Groupado is a platform that gives influencers the opportunity to leverage their unique talents, build authority, and expand their fanbase. Fans, likewise, crave direct ways to learn from and be inspired by their favorite influencers and authority figures. Groupado is the catalyst to bridge this gap.

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