UAE-based armoured vehicle company, Inkas, reports USD 15 million sale at Dubai International Motor Show 2019

Dubai, UAE:Inkas, the UAE-based armoured vehicle company, closed an impressive deal of USD 15 million at Dubai International Motor Show on day three, with other participating brands reporting buyer’s interest across the show floor.

Commenting on their remarkable sale at the show, UlugbekhonMaksumov, CEO of Inkas Vehicles LLC, said: “We are overwhelmed with the interest that has been expressed in our wide range of armoured commercial and tactical vehicles at our Dubai International Motor Show stand. We’ve already had genuine interest from customers across the MENA and CIS regions and we are delighted to announce that on day three we closed a sale of over US$15 million.”

The Dubai International Motor Show concludes today 16thNovember, 9pm at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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