Jannah Hotels & Resorts Honored Emirati Values and Heritage on Commemoration Day and UAE National Day

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 1 December, 2019: In honor to two of the most central and euphoric occasions in the United Arab Emirates, Jannah Hotels & Resorts celebrated Commemoration Day and the UAE National Day in glory.

Commemoration Day

To pay homage to the Emirati martyrs who are immortal in the country’s conscience, Jannah Hotels & Resorts lowered the UAE flag to half-mast at 8AM on the 29th of November, followed by a minute of silent prayer at 11:30AM. The flag then flew high in celebration of UAE National Day as the anthem was playing.

CEO of Jannah Hotels & Resorts, Richard Haddad said “On this glorious day, we reiterated the country’s firm determination to follow into the martyrs footsteps. There is no greater sacrifice than that of those who offer their own lives for their country, and are proud and honored to have been part of such a notable day for this homeland.”

UAE National Day

In commemoration to the union of the 7 Emirates, Jannah Hotels & Resorts showcased an Emirati unity by ornamenting the hotel with the colours of the Emirati Flag. A gleaming and glistening extravagant projection from the exteriors of Jannah Burj Sarab Hotel illuminated the night sky in red, white, black, and green. Joining the celebration, the Team indulged a delectable UAE cake.

“Every year, the UAE National Day brings us all in unity to celebrate the history of this country and the wise vision of its leadership. We hoped our maneuvered projection reflected the appreciation we hold for the country.” The CEO of Jannah Hotels & Resorts, Richard Haddad, concluded.

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