Pearson hosts UAE workshop to accelerate future skills in Accounting and Finance

24th November 2019- Dubai, UAE – Pearson Middle East, part of Pearson, the world’s learning company hosted a dedicated Accounting&Finance workshop for educators in the UAE and KSA with the aim to help students excel in accounting and finance.The exclusive Accounting & Finance Workshop welcomed more than 50renowned academics, regulators and practitioners from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to discuss best practices in accounting and finance, highlighting the associated challenges and opportunities for students to excel in the businessmarket.

The workshop was led by experienced author and Associate Professor of Accounting at Austin Community College – USA, Professor Tracie L. Miller-Nobels, who explored teaching methodologies using data analytics, pedagogy for best practice in teaching as well as best practices in teaching Accounting & Finance, incorporating learning technology like MyLab.

Majid Mneymneh, Vice President, Higher Education & Corporate Pearson Middle East commented, “It is important to equip our young generation with the educational foundation and skills necessary to further excel in theircareers. This trend continues to emerge across businesses as confirmed in our most recent Global Learner Survey 2019. Both global and regional educators have confirmed that Pearson MyLabs have had a positive impact on their teaching as well as across their students learning outcomes. Understanding this importance, we aim to extend this success to more than 9,500 users of MyLab Accounting and MyLabFinance in the region. The opportunities gained with accounting and finance skills are endless and can help to shape students’ future roles within businesses. At PearsonMiddleEast, we strive to inspire educators to help equip students with the knowledge and the skills they need to make progress in their lives through learning.”

The workshop covered key sessions fromformative and summative assessments, to using technology to drive student engagement. Delegates had the opportunity to interact with education experts to learn more about cutting edge learning methodologies in the context of accounting and finance.Sessions also explored how to equip students with interactive material to support learning.

“Accounting is more than crunching numbers. When it comes to effective management of any business, the role of finance and accounting cannot be overlooked. Accounting in the UAE and the gulf countries plays a significant role in the statement of cash flows, balance sheets, and income statements to investors. Education systems will need to support better understanding, teaching practice, and assessment of the granular skills that will be in greater demand,” commented Professor Miller-Nobels.

Pearson is committed to lifelong learning, with the goal of giving everyone from college students to people in the workplace affordable and easy to access digital higher education materials and assessments. Pearson’s education framework is future-orientated and provides a strong evidence base for effective learning and teaching and defines what high-quality pedagogy looks like in the classroom, and how educators can best prepare for, assess and respond to student learning.